PAPILIO photo library markets the work of a number of outstanding wildlife photographers worldwide.  The areas that we cover are Wildlife, Plants, Landscapes, Environment, Weather and Geology.

Reproduction Fees & Commission

PAPILIO does not sell photographs outright, but licenses their one-time limited use. The copyright always remains with the photographer. We take a 50% commission from all reproduction fees, and the remaining 50% is passed on to the photographer. Normally sales reports are sent out quarterly, although small payments (ie. less than £100) may be held over to the following quarter. Payments are made by BACS system for UK photographers.


PAPILIO can accept either scanned film digital files or shot digitally via camera.  However the specifications are quite high, and information can be supplied upon request. As a general guideline scanned images must be scanned on a high resolution film scanner, fully cropped, and colour corrected, with the file size being above 50MB in TIFF format. Digital files shot in camera should be supplied to us at a minimum file size of 17MB in TIFF format, and be fully colour corrected etc. All submissions must be supplied on CD/DVD disk in both JPEG format files for viewing, with the large TIFF format for reference and storage, plus a printout of JPEG images.


Please ensure that all pictures are clearly and accurately captioned. Animal and plant pictures should be captioned with the common and scientific names, while all picture captions should include directly relevant details such as behaviour, location, endangered status and any important biological or environmental information. Detail this information within the IPTC/Metadata fields for each individual image.

First Submissions

Please be very selective with the digital files you submit.  Wildlife photography is an extremely competitive field in which we must maintain very high standards. Sharpness, correct exposure and good use of lighting and composition are essential, but we are also looking for pictures with interest and impact - a photograph which makes a behavioural or ecological point is nearly always preferred to a straight portrait. As an initial submission, we like to see a cross-section of 150 or more of your best work covering as wide a range of relevant subjects as possible.

Holding & Recall Of Pictures

Papilio accepts material for a minimum period of five years - some time is needed for your material to circulate enough for realistic sales to be appreciated. The marketplace is very competitive and do not expect overnight success. Photographers wishing to recall their images from PAPILIO, will need to give us sufficient time. At the present we require at least twelve months notice although this does change and is an ongoing situation.

Exclusivity - Non Exclusivity

At present PAPILIO does not require total exclusivity from its photographers. However we do prefer our photographers to supply us with their best work, and this sometimes is difficult to achieve when supplying different libraries.


All photographers must sign a contract with PAPILIO which covers most of the above points in more detail. A sample draft copy will be supplied for discussion before we accept the work of a new photographer.

Picture Supply

All our photographers are expected to provide us with a regular supply of fresh material and to respond to our suggestions with regard to producing saleable pictures. Request lists which summarise our changing picture needs are sent out on a regular basis.